e-guardian full CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) is a fundamental part of the platform, in which you can find more than 25 years of experience in construction, operation and maintenance of renewable assets. Thanks to its high flexibility, it can be adapted to any kind of conventional & renewable asset.

Choose your asset structure

With an intuitive tree-based structure you can define your main components up to the highest level of detail. You can define maintenance activities for each component, choosing from various options or creating your custom ones.

Smarten up your O&M activities!

With the automatic Gantt diagram, you can manage the maintenance tasks directly from the interface. You can look the status, see notes and attachments (such as photos) and even move a scheduled activity with just a drag & drop. Your plan has never been so flexible!

Digitalize your maintenance jobs!

STE Guardian Maintenance App is the perfect tool for your jobs right on the field. You can see your assigned tasks, update the status and upload notes and attachments directly to the central database.

Take care of your spare parts!

e-guardian digital warehouse empowers your spare parts management. Looking for a replacement has never been so simple!