Reduce evaluation timesand immediately react to current events

e-guardian makes it possible to extend this concept to all your renewable assets, regardless of technology or OEM. Take advantage of the data centralization!

Keep all your data under control

Thousands of devices, one platform. e-guardian multi-driver IoT gateway is capable of collecting data from any intelligent device (Dataloggers, PLCs, RTUs, Inverters, Electrical Protections, etc.), making your life easier.

Create your own real-time dashboard

e-guardian allows you to create user-defined executive dashboards. You can simply choose your favorite contents, so that you can always have a smart monitoring interface.

All assets in your pocket

With e-guardian mobile App you will always be informed about your assets, wherever you are, whenever you want.

Do not miss any event

With its advanced alerting system, e-guardian permits not only the acquisition of all the plant alerts, but also the creation of personalized formula-based events.

History is life’s teacher

With e-guardian optimized time-series historian database you can keep all your historical data, for the entire lifetime of your assets.

Freely spread your assets all over the world

There is no limit on the number of plants. Thanks to its scalability, e-guardian can easily integrate new plants wherever they are in the world.